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1. Social Media Marketing Benifets

An easy and effective way to reach your audience. With the low investment, you can reach millions of people and can generate huge sales and profits.

2. Social Media Platform Selection

Choosing a right platform is the key to success. Without knowing the right path you can never reach your destination. Therefore, we will do an audit and competitive analysis before investing in ads.

3. Pricing

We are offering 3 attractive packages which will definitely fit to your budgets. We have designed them according to your needs. In each package, we will handle your graphics, content and ad requirements and organize them in a way so you can get maximum results.

4. Marketing Roadmap

RockingArts knows the perfect and proven ways of marketing, by following these steps we will not only be able to generate traffic but also convert the attracted audience into returning clients.

5. Multimedia

We are providing a complete marketing solution. We will capture and record your business products and services and publish them on your social handles i.e. product shoot, biography video, business ads, branding material and everything that needs to be covered.

6. Social Media Audit

A reviewing process of viewing what’s working, what’s failing and what can be improved upon across your social media channels. We will check all platforms and share a brief report with suggestions.

7. Competitive Analysis

We will identify your competitors, monitor their activities and strategies, then we will compare yours with them. It will help us in finding gaps and help in making our future marketing planning.

8. Branding

A complete graphical and visual theme of your business. We will market your theme in each post, video, event, blog, and advertisement. People will start recognizing you with your logo or with your themed appearance.

9. Reputation Analysis

The most important part of your business or the main pillar of your building is your Reputation. Negative feedback or a negative approach on your post can easily take you down. We will make sure that your business gets a positive response and we will also handle the upcoming negativity.

10. Content Creation

Thoroughly researched content that will bring traffic and sales. We always post after extensive research and according to our fruit generating strategy. Content represents your worth and identity.

11. Spam Monitoring

We will make sure that all coming followers have real accounts so that they can not harm us in the future. We will remove all spams and bad words from posts. We will never do any shortcut, and run any automated traffic generator because Like attracts Like.

12. Posting

We will post pictures, videos, events, offers, contests, blogs, relevant material, and engaging data. All published material will be linked with your business and branding.

13. Monitoring & Tracking

After taking all the required steps we will keep our eyes open and monitor each post and activity. We will track sales and attract traffic to your website or on other sources, it will help in marketing, analyzing and reporting.

14. Reporting

We will provide the following reports,

  • Campaign ReportingĀ ROAS
  • Brand and Market Audits
  • Posting Report
  • Growth Report
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